Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ta Daaaa

Are you there bloggers? Its me, Stephanie.

Calling all haters at Pocket Change. I have officially started a blog, so stop your whinin’! That’s right, I said whinin’…sans the ‘g’. Why? Because I’m from
South Carolina (that’s South Cackalacky to you fellow sandlappers), and we tend to remove key letters from words. Yep, it’s part of our charm. Have ya’ll ever visited here? Bless your heart, you get here as quick as you can, and I’ll have sweet tea and peach cobbler waiting for you on my front porch.

(Please join me for a moment of silence as we thank God for the scrumptiousness that is peach cobbler. Also, a shout out to Great Aunt Dot for the recipe.)

Caroline and Nan, I look forward to hanging out with you in the blog world. And to all you other girls, you’ve also inspired me to get off my lazy hind parts and start a blog. Caro, Nan, Nester, Emily, Heather, Kendra, Brin, June, Suzanne, & Mr. Noonzie…I can’t wait to see what you have in store. As for me, I’ll just try to keep up.

Y'all come back now, you hear?


Caroline said...

Ya dern skippy its time you started a blog.

And I can't believe you called me a hater!

I'm totally writing a post all about your new blog.

Watch me do it - and don't forget to leave a comment!

Caroline said...

And I love the name...and the tag line. Perfection.

... and I have to tell you that my word verification (please don't be deceived by the evilness that is word verification) is "hotorie".

That is what you are...hotorie. Its a good thing.

Suzanne said...'re stressing me all out, making me feel bad about my poor neglected blog! awesome job you just need a facebook acct! :)

Tracy P. said...

Sweet tea and peach cobbler? You better open your door--my husband is probably already there.

Well, it might take him a few minutes. But he's a GA boy, and he's been living here in MN for 15 years!

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Nan said...

We North Cackalakies (can't spell worth a flip!) are leapn' for joy!

Steph said...

welcome to our world! but lose the word verification...bad bad bad

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

electric blanket
fresh bread

Caro said give you a warm welcome... that was the best I could do.


Ronnica said...

Welcome to this big ole world! Caroline sent me over and I thought I bring you over some cookies. It's what good neighbors do, right?

I've actually been to SC 3 times for 3 different reasons, and all three were within a 6 month period. Weird.

Melissa said...

Hello and welcome to blog world!! I'm a friend of Caroline's and I have certainly heard her preaching to you about getting a blog!! I'm sure I'll enjoy reading your blog!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I know Caro is so glad! She's waited for this for a long time. Yeah, Stephanie! We even made the same post!